What we do

Connecting students to higher education

Help students find the right education

We believe that access to well-researched, relevant and objective information helps people make better decisions.

Regardless of where the students are in their journey, from initial search to advanced comparison, we make sure they find answers to questions on all aspects of a degree selection.

Our platforms match what the students are looking for with relevant pages to offer a frustration-free search experience. Using real industry data and trends verified by experts, we identify the students’ areas of interest to make sure we direct them to the right schools.

Many choices for colleges and universaties

Match universities with real interest

Search experience is at the heart of what we do. We analyse users’ intentions which we match with facts and practical insights to drive better choices. This means prospective students get a complete picture of what it’s like to study online or on campus, from degree specification to practical advice and career prospects.

Students who are matched with a degree are more informed and likely to commit, ensuring education providers get the most qualified leads.

Expert contributors offering informed choice

Introduce expert knowledge to career choice

Through user-focused design and a community-led approach, we identify areas where we can offer students the most accurate and complete information.

We partner with academic professionals, graduates and other students to gather expert insights and first-hand experience on selected disciplines. This way, we make sure we direct prospective students to the institutions that best match their needs.

Whether you hold an academic post, offer industry advice or write blogs on student activities, we welcome you to join our professional community of writers and advisors, in pursuit of a more educated society.